Allium BUD Programme

(Be Uplifted Daily)


Allium BUD Programme is a full day programme (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) that focuses on optimising functional abilities in a conducive and uplifting environment that promotes self confidence. 


The Programme, built on the philosophy of function focused care, encourages older persons to engage in cognitive and physical stimulation activities to improve and benefit from functional independence for daily activities. Our goal is to uplift older persons to attain and retain his or her highest level of functional capability, development and well-being. 


Our Clients are supported by an Interprofessional Care Team of experienced Nurses, Therapists and Care Concierges for physical exercises, cognitive stimulation and personalised fun activities. Our goal is to prevent mental and physical decline, improve function and enhance the total well-being of your loved ones. 


Physical Exercise
Multicomponent physical exercise programme of light aerobic exercises, such as range of motion and resistance exercises, as well as balance training


Cognitive Stimulation
Cognitive stimulation programme with social and mental activities, such as reminiscence therapy


Personalised Fun Activities
Small group activities based on personal interests and hobbies, delivering personalised care



To find out more about Allium BUD Programme, please write in to us at

Or contact us at 6282 6905 (Joo Chiat Place) and 6219 0535 (Seletar Hills)



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