Core Therapies

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Each body is different, therefore each rehabilitation must be different.

– Joerg Teichmann

We care for individuals whose stories inspire us. Our individualised rehabilitation plans adapt to each elder’s specific impairments and functional needs. Our therapy combines science, art and a creative spirit to deliver good long-term outcomes with the highest possible levels of functional capability.

Renewal and reablement

Neurological rehabilitation specialises in the holistic management of various conditions including stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s disease and traumatic brain injury. The various interventions aim to improve mobility in affected body parts and performance in daily living.

Occupational Therapy


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Functional restoration

Orthopaedic rehabilitation helps elders recover from injuries related to falls, fractures, joint replacement and other orthopaedic surgeries. It aims to restore range of motion, balance and functional strength post injury. 

Occupational Therapy

Creative care

Cognitive rehabilitation is the process of remediation or compensation of cognitive skills that may have been lost due to a condition. Cognitive skills include attention, concentration and memory, safety awareness, problem solving, organisation and planning.

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) is one evidence-based intervention within our dementia care plans. An effective, non-drug treatment, CST delivers a range of multisensory experiences across 14 sessions in small groups or as a private session. Each session focuses on a different theme that are culturally relevant to stimulate new thoughts and processes through self-learning in an encouraging environment.

Additional Features