Making tomorrow fulfilling

We care for individuals whose stories inspire us. Our individualised care plans are designed to inspire independence, hope and fulfilment in the lives of the elderly we care for.

More than care, we provide a comprehensive solution through our residential Care Suites, day Care Studio, home care and caregiver support services.

Built to celebrate life

The experience of staying at Allium Care Suites is one of absolute discernment and discreet luxury. Enjoy an elegant and convenient lifestyle next to Windsor Nature Park surrounded by nature, tranquility and complete privacy.

Allium Care Suites is all about defying perceptions of how older adults live, or choose to live their lives. We have created a consummate hospitality experience for you to make the most of your life.

Our vision for Allium Care Suites was to combine the very finest of hospitality and healthcare within a bespoke sanctuary for wellness.

Welcome to Allium Care Suites.

Every detail considered

Inspired by Singapore’s prestige as a biophilic City in a Garden, Metaphor Design + Architecture Pte. Ltd. designed Allium Care Suites as “suites within a garden”.

More ‘household’ than ‘nursing home’, our living spaces are the first of its kind in Singapore, purpose-built to cater to the different needs of older adults and their families.

Comprising exclusively single and double suites, our residency options provide respite and long-term care. Each suite is specially designed to give you a private space of calm and comfort with a view to harmonious surroundings.

Everywhere you look, the highest standards of eldercare ergonomic design support easy living and comfort. This includes wardrobe fixtures and sanitary wares that encourage you to be as freely independent as possible.

Built with climate responsive design in mind, Allium Care Suites was awarded the Green Mark Platinum by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) for delivering an ecologically responsible and friendly development.

Perfectly located next to the vast greenery of Windsor Nature Park, Allium Care Suites presents an oasis surrounded by lush landscapes.

Designed for you

Allium Care Suites fills four levels, with a rooftop terrace and lower ground reception area and carpark, accessible by two passenger lifts and one bed lift. Conceptually, each level divides into three households with individual kitchen, living and dining space, rehabilitation area, laundry room and nurse station.

Our household concept allows for shared living experiences that nurture meaningful relationships and promote well-being.

Generously presented as single, companion and executive suites, the meticulously designed suites with largely en-suite facilities brings together the finest of hospitality and healthcare within this exclusive 5,600 sq m development.

the first floor

A combination of single and companion suites with en-suite facilities spread across two households with the third household dedicated to dementia care. The wellness studio, clinic and consultation rooms complete the first floor.

the second floor

A household of single and companion suites with en-suite facilities and two households of subsidised companion suites. The lifestyle salon, open-air terrace and hydrotherapy pool are located on this floor.

the third floor

Comprising single and companion suites with en-suite facilities, the third floor features two large open terraces and a treatment room.

the fourth floor

On the top floor, there are two executive single suites and two executive companion suites, whose residents enjoy private living rooms with balconies offering views of the surrounding verdant landscape. Two other households of single and companion suites, all with en-suite facilities, complete the top level of Allium Care Suites.

views & balconies

Depending on your selected aspect, our suites offer views of either the Venus Drive or Upper Thomson streetscape or verdant landscape surrounding Windor Nature Park, with some extending to private balconies.

Yours to discover

We aspire to make your residence at Allium Care Suites the best time of your life. Our skilled Care Team are happy to attend to your requirements or help arrange an event whenever the need arises.

Through our sophisticated facilities and elite services, our focus is on enriching your way of life.

Every day at Allium Care suites is an experience.


Endless discovery

At Allium Care Suites, we actively inspire the mind and body with a wealth of enjoyable and rewarding pursuits. We continually curate weekly programmes of cultural, educational and social experiences. Guided walks and trips to places of interests; Gardens by the Bay, National Gallery Singapore; activities to befit all passions and personalities. In the comfort of your household, we present a suite of creative therapy sessions. Our art therapy, music reminiscence, cognitive and leisure group activities stimulate the senses and create engaging sessions to provide you with opportunities for socialisation with your new friends and our friendly staff.


A thousand flavours

Our new dining experience is designed for pure warmth and gastronomical pleasure. Our Senior Principal Dietitian ensures weekly menus of familiar comfort food and healthy cuisines to suit individual preferences and special diets.

On weekends, we turn friends into family over shared cooking fun as one of the many activities designed to nurture friendships amongst our residents.

Food for every palate

Savour a choice of light traditional Asian or continental cuisine at breakfast. Afternoon tea offers a selection of sweet and savoury treats with fine tea choices. Lunch and dinner include vegan cuisine choices. In the privacy of your suite or at our dining space, enjoy a variety of snacks at any time of the day.


The secret terrace

The private rooftop terrace provides a sanctuary for gardening pursuits with panoramic views of the surrounding greenery. The planting and landscaping of the terrace has been designed by acclaimed garden designer Golden Hill Landscape Pte. Ltd. Five pavilions, the largest of which encircled by therapeutic water features, present the perfect sundown al fresco dining opportunity.


Physical therapy

Located on the first level of Allium Care Suites, the fully equipped gym offers a complete set of rehabilitation equipment and a picturesque view of the natural greenery.

With our advanced equipment to complement conventional rehabilitation, our care plans are designed to help you achieve personal goals under the skilled guidance of our allied healthcare team.


Healing through water

The temperature-controlled, outdoor hydrotherapy pool is located on the second level and accessed by the open terrace. Each hydrotherapy session is led by two members of the allied healthcare team; a physiotherapist and an assistant. The buoyancy of water supports your weight whilst allowing body resistance exercise to improve muscle strength. Exercises are tailored to individual needs to allow a gradual build-up of strength.


Refresh and renew

The lifestyle salon offers the luxury and convenience of private hair and beauty treatments. Hair styling, nail treatments and massages are available on our well-being menu. The concept of Allium Care Suites wellness represents renewal and harmony within the self, and it is this perspective that our well-being menu pursues to inspire within our residents.


Nurturing through nature

The garden pathways are the perfect setting for morning and sundown walks, rehabilitation sessions and social engagement. The visual stimulation of the surrounding verdant landscape provides a connection to nature and improves physical, cognitive and psychological wellness.


One corner, many stories

Reading corners are located at every household with carefully selected reading materials to suit different interests.


Beyond hospitality

An optional moving-in service provides ease and convenience and takes care of the challenges associated with administrative duties for long-staying residents.

Clinical excellence

Nurses and Care Concierges are the hospitality of Allium Care Suites. Our care philosophy provides nurses and Care Concierges as and when you require alongside consultation rooms for visiting doctors and therapists. Together, we deliver positive clinical outcome through collaborations with our interconnected healthcare network.


A mark of distinction

Our Care Concierges work closely with you to address your daily needs. They take care of your physical and mental well-being as well as coordinate expert care where it matters. Your Care Concierge helps to assist in activities of daily living and perform basic clinical tasks such as taking vital signs, temperature and simple wound dressing. They supervise and engage you in psycho-social activities such as cooking, board games, and art and crafts interests.


Inspiring experiences

Our experienced nurses are fully committed to providing you with excellent nursing care to enable you to live with dignity and respect.

The healthcare team has undergone layers of extensive training in both healthcare and hospitality. Our nurses are trained to provide full care provision administered discreetly in the privacy of your bedroom or comfortable household.

Our care provision can be personalised upwards or downwards to meet your needs. As you grow with us and your needs change, we adapt to provide you with the best healthcare experience possible.


A continuum of care

At Allium Care Suites, partnership with our residents and their families is at the heart of our care model. Our primary responsibility is to support you to live the life you want with a spectrum of specialist services. How you feel in our care is what truly matters. Welcome to a new world of residential care.

Care assurance

We care for individuals living with dementia every day. We understand that dementia affects each person differently. Our integrated care plan supports the needs of each individual, enabling you to live a life of purpose in a homely environment where you can be assured of continual care and meaningful activities.


Fit for purpose

Meticulously designed to complement their natural settings, our dementia care suites are furnished in soft, warm hues to minimise sensory overstimulation.

Everywhere you look, the highest standards of dementia care ergonomics promote well-being and functionality. Our user-centered design delivery includes clear wardrobe doors, colour coded bathroom fittings, light switches and light panels, for ease of vignette recognition.


Attuned to your needs

Led by our Care Team who are specifically trained in dementia care and management, our care therapy includes general monitoring, assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) and exercises to promote independence and improve cognitive function.

Registered nurses are available, 24 hours a day, together with a team of Care Concierges. Together, they nurture social, physical and mental well-being and build connected relationships with each resident.


The art of dementia

Roadblocks to verbal communication laid by dementia are bypassed through the artistic process, and individuals can express themselves through the art. Concentration and attention improves, and patients are often easier to care for even when the therapy is over.
– Dr. Daniel C.Potts

Art therapy and music reminiscence are known to produce positive results in the treatment and prevention of cognitive decline. Our creative activities and music sessions stimulate the senses and create engaging sessions to provide you with a better quality of life.

Inspiring independence

Designed to inspire independence, hope and fulfilment, Allium care programmes can make all the difference to your well-being. We help you continue living at home by providing care and support in a nurturing environment and respite to caregivers.

At our Care Studio, and available in your home, our Geriatric Care Manager takes care of your personalised care plan and coordinates services to support your needs.

Arrive and revive at Allium Care Studio.

Making a difference

Our focus is on improving the quality of life of elders including those who are living with dementia. We created our Care Studio with you in mind at every step. From our Care Concierge approach to our comprehensive programmes and our rehabilitation equipment, Allium Care Studio aims to provide care that is responsive to specific needs and preferences.

Integral to our personalised care services, is maintaining a low client to staff ratio, which allows us to create individual care plans for each and every elder.

Wellness and reablement

Our programmes support you in meeting your care goals to live independently. Our goal is to help you attain and maintain your highest possible levels of functional capability, development and well-being.


Customisable for healthy or frail elders, PETALS is an individualised physiotherapy programme to improve agility, physiological capacity and energy levels to perform daily tasks. PETALS is beneficial for improving balance and strength, reducing pain and enhancing joint mobility.


Our physiotherapist will conduct an assessment of physical functions related to pain and movement patterns, strength, range of motion and reflexes. This helps us to design a treatment programme that is tailored to your personal goals. Your individualised treatment involves a combination of manual exercise and therapy equipment, and may include hydrotherapy to compliment or facilitate a return to land-based rehabilitation.


PETALS services include:

  • Sports injury management
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Respiratory health and fitness
  • Women’s health
  • Exercise prescription
  • Caregiver training
  • Equipment prescription


STEM is an occupational therapy programme designed to help elders live a more productive and independent life. It incorporates the use of meaningful activities to maximise levels of independence in daily tasks at home and in the community.


To deliver a personalised care plan, our occupational therapists conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine physical, cognitive and psychosocial abilities and take into consideration environmental factors. The assessment includes history-taking from elders and caregivers, personal goal setting and agreeing on the frequency of therapy sessions.


STEM services include:

  • Basic activities of daily living (BADL) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) assessment and retraining
  • Memory, orientation and cognitive stimulation activities
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Upper limb rehabilitation
  • Powered mobility training
  • Community reintegration
  • Caregiver training and assessment
  • Assistive devices prescription and training


Hydrotherapy is a union between water and physiotherapy. The buoyancy, warmth, hydrostatic pressure, drag and turbulence of water create a unique environment for rehabilitation; to achieve movements unattainable with land-based therapy.

Each hydrotherapy session is led by two members of the allied healthcare team; a physiotherapist and therapy assistant, who will be in the pool with you. Exercises are tailored to individual needs to compliment or facilitate a return to land-based rehabilitation.

A mechanical hoist to help you enter and exit the pool is available should you require assistance. A constant 1.1m depth, wide entry steps together with surround grab bar completes the ergonomically designed hydrotherapy pool.


Designed to prevent mental and physical decline, improve function and enhance total well-being, SEED is a three-hour programme with targeted therapy comprising physical exercise, cognitive stimulation and personalised fun activities. This programme is specially tailored to elders with dementia or cognitive impairment.


Multicomponent programme to increase physical activity levels and improve strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.


Social and mental stimulation activities to enhance and encourage self-confidence, maintain or cope with memory impairment, and improve problem solving skills.


Small group activities based on personal interests and hobbies to create meaningful and enriching experiences.


BUD is a full day programme created for elders requiring care during the day. By ensuring every elder a nurturing and uplifting environment, our programme allows family members to work and offers respite to caregivers.

We welcome elders with dementia, physical frailty or elders who would like a more active social environment. BUD provides an opportunity to socialise with friends and to enjoy a wide range of activities.

The elderly in our programme participate in tailored physical exercise, cognitive stimulation and social activities to keep them as active and engaged as possible. A nutritious lunch and afternoon snacks are served to meet the requirements of dietary preferences.

BUD is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and delivers peace of mind in care transition to ensure the continuity of care support.


FIT-TY is suitable for elders who have never set foot in a gym or engaged in regular physical activity. The programme comprises various exercises and the use of equipment to help you improve strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Led by our experienced physiotherapist and therapy assistant, they will educate you on how to monitor your effort tolerance during exercise. The spacious, light-filled gym is equipped with elder-friendly GG Gamba equipment from Japan.

  • 45 minutes Exercise Class with use of resistance band
  • 45 minutes Circuit Class with use of GG Gamba equipment

Exercising in your fifties and beyond offers both physical and emotional benefits. They include:

  • Increased independence in mobility
  • Increased flexibility, endurance and balance
  • Improved mood and overall well-being
  • Reduced fall risk, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes

Designed for wellness

We are bespoke by choice and provide immediate access to specialist aged care with shorter waiting time for assessment and ensuing appointments. Our low client to staff ratio, and our high touch, interprofessional Care Team, allows for frequent sessions and flexibility with appointments to befit your schedule. We are open with health and social measures to ensure our collective safety.


Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm

Weekends and Public Holidays


SEED (three-hour programme)
9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm

BUD (full day programme)
9am to 5pm


PETALS (Physiotherapy)
9am to 5pm

STEM (Occupational Therapy)
9am to 5pm

Better care at home

Our home care professionals provide home care and support services as part of a care plan, or on an as-required basis. They work with you to create a personalised care program that focuses on treatment and activities at home, and in the community.

Our home care professionals travel to your home, empowering you to enjoy a higher quality of life in the comfort of your home.

We deliver the care you need, in the home you love.

Your partner in care

A Geriatric Care Manager is an aged care professional who can help you and your family identify and find ways to meet specific needs.

At Allium Healthcare, our Geriatric Care Manager is your main point of contact who brings together all aspects of your care. This Includes care plan management, care services coordination, observation and reporting, and communication between family members and care professionals.

Together, we form a cohesive care plan and find resources to support you to continue living at home. Our Geriatric Care Manager addresses the combined needs of immediate and long-term care, health and social care, and reduces caregiver strain.


Responsively reassuring

Designed to improve the quality of life for elders, our services include:

  • Holistic assessment of needs – medical, physical, social and emotional
  • Clinical evaluation and care plan development
  • Navigation of healthcare systems and community services
  • Clinical supervision – arranging home nursing services, including post-hospitalisation visits
  • Coordination of ancillary services – organising physical and occupational therapy
  • Observation and reporting – multidisciplinary meetings and family conference
  • Home-based caregiver coaching

Live independently

Our therapy services provide rehabilitation in your home to support recovery of functional abilities. Home rehabilitation can benefit elders recovering from surgery, injury or illness, or at risk of falling. It is also beneficial to elders with chronic conditions who wish to improve or maintain their health.

We customise each care plan according to specific physiotherapy or occupational therapy needs. We work towards attaining desired outcomes with the support of our clinical expertise and innovative technology.


Restoring function

Physiotherapy plays an important role in restoring functional abilities. Our Physiotherapist will prescribe exercises to improve mobility and gait stability, posture and body positioning, and to increase muscle function, coordination and endurance.

At your home, our Physiotherapist can provide:

  • Therapeutic pain management
  • Post-hospitalisation rehabilitation
  • Customised home fitness plan
  • Fall prevention strategies
  • Chronic disease management
Occupational Therapy

Renewing lives

Occupational therapy incorporates the use of activities of daily living to help you live a more productive and independent life.

Designed to improve endurance, social and physical well-being, our occupational therapy programme delivers a combination of cognitive, strength and coordination exercises and re-education training of basic life skills.

During the home visits, our Occupational Therapist can provide:

  • Basic activities of daily living (BADL) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) assessments and retraining
  • Memory, orientation and cognitive stimulation activities
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Upper limb rehabilitation
  • Powered mobility training at home and in the community
  • Home assessment and modification advices to reduce fall risk
  • Community reintegration
  • Caregiver training and assessment
  • Assistive devices prescription and training

Better health

As you grow older, your body changes. Our Senior Principal Dietitian specialises in working with older adults and can support you in meeting your changing nutritional needs and taste preferences.

Our Dietitian provides customised meal plans and trains caregivers on meal preparation and texture modified diets for elders.

At your home, our Dietitian can help with the following concerns:

  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Reduced appetite and low energy levels to perform daily activities
  • Brittle or dry hair, or increased hair loss
  • Poor digestion or sudden unexpected changes in bowel habits
  • Medical conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, reflux, heartburn, gout, kidney failure and poor wound healing

Flexible and focused

A community nurse provides nursing care and procedures outside of the acute setting. Our Community Nurse is a Registered Nurse with the Singapore Nursing Board and has many years of experience working in eldercare environments.

Our aim is to empower you to live healthily at home. Our Community Nurse provides care and training to caregivers and family members, and enable elders to achieve independence through self-care at home.


Compassionate care

In the comfort of your home, our nursing care and procedures include:

  • Health education
  • Wound care management
  • Nursing procedures
  • Fall prevention training
  • Medication management

Effective solutions

Caregivers play a key role for the elderly to continue living well at home. With our guidance, you will gain confidence and coping skills as the focus is on you.

We aspire to improve the quality of your life and develop a plan that ensures the best possible care for your loved ones.

Our caregiver coaching is conducted by a team of care professionals and tailored to suit specific care needs. We help you support your loved ones to live independently whilst preserving their sense of dignity and confidence.


Continuous Care

Our caregiver coaching services include:

  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Safety awareness of the environment
  • Assistance with rehabilitation activities
  • Assistance with self-administered medication
  • Skills and knowledge on general household tasks
  • Nutrition advice
  • Advance care planning

Strength on your side

Caregiving has no second agendas or hidden motives. The care is given from love for the joy of giving without expectation, no strings attached.
– Gary Zukov

The caregiver role is one that is full of many emotions and challenges. Whether you are beginning your journey as a caregiver or caring for a loved one for years, our care professionals provide effective coaching, with emotional and financial support to ensure a better caregiving journey.

Our work has one focus; to empower you to help yourself and your loved ones receive the best possible care.

Our care team provide coaching in both group and individualised settings. We deliver workshops and travel to your home depending on your support needs. Our workshops provide an opportunity for respite while meeting other caregivers in a similar situation.

If you care for someone, we care for you with comfort and guidance.


Clarity and care

Caregiving is a constant learning experience. If you are caring for someone living with dementia, it is important to understand that if their needs and behaviour change, there are many strategies that may help.

Our training programs support you with clarity, solutions and awareness. With our guidance, you can make fast progress as the focus is on you.

Caregiver coaching workshops include nutrition advice, communication strategies, managing challenging situations and behaviours, support with activities of daily living whilst providing emotional support for caregivers.

You are not alone. Meet others who have become caregivers just like you.


Strategic solutions

In the comfort of your home, we provide individual coaching to support you with immediate solutions and to bring out options and available resources.

Our home-based training includes general activities of daily living related to basic hygiene and grooming, eating and drinking, and assisting with use of mobility devices and transfer. To further improve your caregiver journey, we coach you with strategies to engage elders with cognitive activities at home.

We deliver practical care solutions and resources, transforming your caregiver experience at a schedule that works for you.


Strengthening relationships

Our medical social worker is a care professional who helps you and your family cope with the emotional and social responses to illness and treatment.

The core of our care plan is to effectively meet the needs of individuals and their families by connecting needs with resources.

At Allium Healthcare, our medical social worker has journeyed with many families through challenging situations. She provides invaluable support, advice and practical information on government schemes and assists with referrals to community agencies and resources.


The care journey begins with an assessment to understand the personal contexts of your loved ones’ situation and your family, social, cultural, and psychological systems and spiritual dimension.


Together, we discuss care goals and expectations, to deliver a best fit, comprehensive intervention plan based on specific concerns, preferences and unique social situations.


Evaluation of the intervention plan will be conducted with the involvement of your loved ones and family members to assess care support outcomes.

Refinement and adjustment are important and valuable parts of our casework process. The collaborative discussion of potential changes in a case plan not only strengthens the caregiver’s sense of accountability but also serves to empower and enable.

Our medical social worker will monitor, evaluate and review the care plan over the full course of intervention. The intervention process is complete when your loved ones and family members achieve a level of desired independence.


Continuous compassion

Advance care planning begins with a discussion to note personal preferences towards receiving medical care to meet long-term needs. It serves as a guide to healthcare providers to help with treatment decisions according to your loved ones’ wishes.

The process involves an advance care planning facilitator and your loved ones to explore, discuss and share personal values and beliefs, and to anticipate healthcare preferences and potential medical conditions and situations.

Different types of advance care planning will cater to the different needs and stages of life. At Allium Healthcare, we embrace client-centred care, incorporating evidence-based practice to deliver a holistic approach.

Your loved ones’ wishes and preferred plan of care will be documented. The advance care planning process also involves the appointment of a Nominated Healthcare Spokesperson (NHS) to advocate on behalf of your loved ones. This allows for your loved ones’ autonomy to be respected and reduces potential conflict and uncertainty amongst family members.


Continuity of care

Respite care provides temporary relief for caregivers to take a break from routine caregiving tasks. It is a rewarding experience for the elderly too, providing them with opportunities to engage in various activities with other elders under the guidance of our healthcare professionals.

Respite care allows family members to work during the day, take a break from routine caregiving, and is an option of consideration for families with caregivers planning their home leave. We deliver peace of mind in care transition to ensure the continuity of care for an elder requiring assistance and supervision in activities of daily living or consistent nursing care.

At Allium Healthcare, we provide respite care for a few hours, a full day, several days or weeks depending on individual needs and interests. Our focus is on improving the quality of life for elders and caregivers.


Allium Care Suites provide 24-hour care services to elders requiring consistent nursing care or higher complexity of care needs for a few days or a few weeks. It is also an option of consideration for those requiring postoperative care.


Allium Care Studio provides three-hour and full-day programmes in a nurturing and supervised environment. Designed to prevent mental and physical decline, improve function and enhance total well-being, our day care programmes deliver physical exercise, cognitive stimulation and personalised fun activities led by our Care Team of dedicated healthcare professionals.


At your home, Allium Home Care professionals deliver care and support services as part of a Care Plan, or on an as-required basis. They travel to your home, empowering elders to enjoy a higher quality of life in the comfort of their homes.