Palliative Care

Strength on your side

Caregiving has no second agendas or hidden motives. The care is given from love for the joy of giving without expectation, no strings attached.
Gary Zukov

At Allium Care Suites, a holistic and transdisciplinary approach focuses on improving quality of life for our residents and supports family members and caregivers during the transition of care. We care for residents with complex conditions facing challenges associated with terminal illness or disease progression at the end-of-life stage.


Our approach provides residents and families with autonomy to discuss preferences of care with dignity and respect to formulate individualised care plans





At each step

A medical social worker has a key role in supporting residents and families through the transition into palliative or end-of-life care. This includes managing mental, emotional, familial and financial stressors of physical illness, identifying individual care goals, treatment plans, managing crisis or difficult situations and connections with community support resources.  

Our medical social worker works with individuals and families, providing:

Strengthening relationships

The core of our care plan is to effectively meet the needs of individuals and their families by connecting needs with resources.

At Allium Healthcare, our medical social worker has journeyed with many families through challenging situations, providing support, advice and practical information on government schemes and assists with referrals to community agencies and resources. 

Care Assesment

The care journey begins with an assessment to understand the personal contexts of your loved ones’ situation and your family, social, cultural, and psychological systems and spiritual dimension.  

Intervention Plan

Together, we discuss care goals and expectations, to deliver a best fit, comprehensive intervention plan based on specific concerns, preferences and unique social situations.


Evaluation of the intervention plan will be conducted with the involvement of your loved ones and family members to assess care support outcomes.

Refinement and adjustment are important and valuable parts of our casework process. The collaborative discussion of potential changes in a case plan not only strengthens the caregiver’s sense of accountability but also serves to empower and enable.

Our medical social worker will monitor, evaluate and review the care plan over the full course of intervention. The intervention process is complete when your loved ones and family members achieve a level of desired independence.

Continuous compassion

Advance care planning begins with a discussion to note personal preferences towards receiving medical care to meet long-term needs. It serves as a guide to healthcare providers to help with treatment decisions according to your loved ones’ wishes.

The process involves an advance care planning facilitator and your loved ones to explore, discuss and share personal values and beliefs, and to anticipate healthcare preferences and potential medical conditions and situations.

Different types of advance care planning will cater to the different needs and stages of life. At Allium Healthcare, we embrace client-centred care, incorporating evidence-based practice to deliver a holistic approach.

Your loved ones’ wishes and preferred plan of care will be documented. The advance care planning process also involves the appointment of a Nominated Healthcare Spokesperson (NHS) to advocate on behalf of your loved ones. This allows for your loved ones’ autonomy to be respected and reduces potential conflict and uncertainty amongst family members.