It’s our pleasure

Curative minds. Caring hearts. For the best moments of your life.

You drew Papa out and managed to allow him to continue creating, visualising, and enjoy some of the things he used to be passionate about. We could not have achieved that at home during this time. I am grateful to each one of you for how you connected with Papa and helped him fulfil a fuller life even in his weaker state. Thank you for your kindness, generosity with your time, and hearts of compassion. You are in the right place of work!


You have lavished so much love and care on my father during his sessions at Allium Care Studio. We want to thank and appreciate you for that.


I was privileged to have experienced your team’s tangible love and care during the sessions when I sent and picked up my dad. I am deeply grateful for how you connected with Dad, knowing that he is a man of few words. Thank you to the excellent Care Studio team.


My gratitude for the outstanding care provided to my husband, Dr Mancer, during his 7-month stay at Allium Care Suites. The nursing team was amazing in their dedication in ensuring he received the best care possible. We were most impressed by the team’s professionalism, dedication, patience, and kindness in caring for Dr Mancer, and their respectful attitude to Dr Mancer and the other elderly residents, regardless of their cognitive decline. Lateff’s kindness and gentleness in caring for my husband touched me greatly. Allium Care Suites is stunning in its location and design, but it is your dedicated staff that sets it apart from other nursing homes.


A note of thanks for having my mother at Allium Care Suites. She was well looked after for a period of three weeks and has now settled into her daily routine back home; her helper has returned from holidays to care for her. My thanks to the team, big hugs and best wishes.


My father arrived at Allium Care Suites a few months before the COVID pandemic. For over two years, he received the best care possible. From the administrative team to the nursing and care staff, each and every member ensured that my father was lovingly and professionally taken care of at all times. As my father approached the end of his life journey, we were supported with comforting guidance and reassuring professionalism every step of the way. The staff at Allium Care Suites went above and beyond their duty to help my family at all times, particularly during my father’s final days. My gratitude to Allium Care Suites always. Thank you.


Allium Care Suites was a lifesaver for our family. My mum, who has dementia, stayed for two months and adjusted well. She referred to it as her hotel and enjoyed the activities and food. Through regular photos and updates, we were able to see Mum drawing, arranging flowers, solving puzzles, practicing calligraphy, participating in physio exercises and games, and baking cookies and pastries. The care staff were friendly and attentive. Our special thanks to nurse Mark, Kala, who showed immense kindness towards Mum, Joce, who helped train our helper and handled Mum exceptionally well, and Vanus, whose cheerful and positive demeanour resonated well with Mum.


A trillion thanks for so lovingly and graciously taking such good care of me during my "staycation" at Allium. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay magnificently joyful. To the wonderful staff at Allium Care Suites, enjoy the profile photos my husband prepared for you.


Mr Flindt's recovery post-stroke has been an amazing journey. 2 months ago, he was unable to speak. Today, he is lucid and can even speak. Truly, your rehabilitation and nursing teams have been fantastic. I am so glad we made the decision for Mr Flindt to receive rehabilitation nursing here. Thank you and God bless you all!


Integrated outdoor space with plants and vegetation and a rooftop garden for walks and activities. Gracious and efficient care team. My husband is well taken care of and in reliable hands during his full-day sessions. I have extended my observations to my friends and am happy to introduce them to the Allium family.


We truly appreciate your devoted care and compassion towards our aunt. We felt like we had a relative at Allium keeping an eye on her and was assured she was well taken care of. Thank you for preparing us during the critical phase of her journey. You were helpful, solicitous and so kind. Thank you and God bless.


It is a privilege to have the expertise of your Principal Dietitian take care of my mum's dietary requirements and for prescribing a nutritional diet to support her wellness needs.


Thank you for the continual updates, especially for the photos and videos. We are very appreciative to the Allium team for taking such good care of our father.


My heartfelt gratitude for all the care and support rendered to my mother and my family. My mother's final days were comforting and peaceful with the special arrangement of a private room that accommodated our time with her in privacy and allowed us to be with her till her final moments. The many gestures of the dedicated care team touched me deeply and I am thankful beyond words.


We are very appreciative! Thank you to the team at Allium Care Suites for assisting us in the care of my husband/ father, and for compassionately reviewing our case, given the duress of Covid-19. Wishing you every success that Allium Care Suites will continue to be a leading light in elevating the standard of wellness and nursing care in Singapore. With gratitude and blessings for all your efforts!


Well-trained and professional Care Team. We feel so blessed and fortunate for the care given to my mum.


Care staff speak the local dialect and communicate well with my father. Thank you for your care.


Excellent service! Nurses and Care Concierges are very kind and helpful.


The medical social worker responded very swiftly to address our concerns and provided emotional support.


The nurses and dietitian are friendly and helpful. Most importantly, the quality of care provided to my mother.


Special thanks to the Front Desk staff for your continuous assistance and arranging visits for my mum.