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Residential Care Model

29 June 2021

Thank you, Ageing Asia, for working together in our shared commitment to improving the quality of life, care and happiness for our elders.


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Ageing & Nursing Homes

21 June 2021

PIN Prestige, Asia’s premium Chinese luxury lifestyle journal, delivers valuable brand reviews and lifestyle news that enrich, entertain and celebrate an informed lifestyle. Our CEO, Bernie Poh, illustrates Allium Healthcare’s philosophy of care, nurturing elders to live a fulfilling and functional lifestyle across its residential care, day care, rehabilitation therapy and home care services.


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Benefits of Hydrotherapy

18 June 2021

The Active Age is a digital magazine delivering insights, features, products and services that inspire healthy and active living. Our Snr Physiotherapist, Marcus Tow, describes a hydrotherapy session at Allium Care Suites and the treatment effects on improving functional recovery.


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Hydrotherapy for Elders

8 June 2021

The Wellness Insider delivers a curated platform of expert opinions and services with a focus on achieving health goals. Our Snr Physiotherapist, Marcus Tow, illustrates the benefits of hydrotherapy as an effective rehabilitation therapy for elders in the treatment of conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, lower back injuries and chronic pain.


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Pandemic Preparedness

1 June 2021

Thank you for your support and cooperation in our efforts to ensure our residents and staff are continuously protected. To our clinical care team, thank you for your relentless care and commitment.


Calculate Your Calories

28 May 2021

Our Senior Principal Dietitian, Mary-ann Chiam, speaks to CNA Lifestyle in her second dialogue for the Calculate Your Calories series on making nutritional choices in the diversity of economy rice dishes. Sample the calorie calculator provided in link.


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Best Luxury Public Service Architecture

11 May 2021

Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a global award selecting and celebrating the best luxury goods and services representing pioneering excellence and innovation worldwide.


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Deconstructing Ageism

7 May 2021

Created for the discerning audience, A Magazine represents an authoritative voice on the trends and issues that matter. Our CEO, Bernie Poh, delves into the important conversation of ageism and Allium Care Suites’ care model of integrating healthcare and hospitality to deliver meaningful and rewarding experiences.


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Functional Screening

27 April 2021

Functional screening helps identify physical limitations, cognitive decline and affective problems. Many conditions are amendable to treatment with early diagnosis. Screening for functional impairments facilitate appropriate intervention to improve your ability to live independently and overall quality of life.


Moving Into Our Care

20 April 2021

Our focus is on improving quality of life for the elders in our care. We understand that every caregiving journey is different and we have devoted ourselves to providing care and uplifting environments that place well-being at the heart of everything we do.


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Luxury Nursing Homes

16 April 2021

Every issue of Robb Report is a voyage into the world of luxury. In this week’s digital edition, our CEO, Bernie Poh, illustrates Allium Healthcare’s philosophy of care, delivering the finest of hospitality and healthcare with compassion, competence and commitment.


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Calculate Your Calories

13 April 2021

Our Senior Principal Dietitian, Mary-ann Chiam, speaks to CNA Lifestyle in this week’s instalment of Calculate Your Calories on how to make informed choices in the company of flavoursome dim sum. Sample the calorie calculator provided in link.


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Together in Community

24 March 2021

The result of a meticulous and efficient VacciNation SG programme enabled our residents, day care clients and staff to complete COVID-19 vaccinations.

Together in community. Our commitment to protect you.


Architectural Design/ Healthcare

26 February 2021

The Outstanding Property Award London (OPAL Award) seeks the best Architectural Design, Interior Design, and Property Development projects from around the world. Allium Care Suites is honoured to be a part of the prestigious drive to improve quality of life through creative and ergonomically designed spaces.

Built to celebrate the finest in residential care, our architectural identity represents designs that reflect a unique understanding of industry and client needs; facilitating the dualities of hospitality and healthcare delivery; individuality and community; heartware and hardware.

We thank Metaphor Architecture + Design for the wonderful journey in making the vision for a creative and innovative facility a reality. We are delighted to deliver a sustainable and immersive landscape experience for the elders in our care.


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Recipe of Life 味之道

10 February 2021

Conversations at our outdoor garden in Ep 67 of Channel 8’s Recipe of Life. Weeknights 7:30 p.m. on Ch 8 and meWATCH


Recipe of Life 味之道

6 February 2021

Lights, Camera, Smile! The day is a brighter day when Chen Liping checks in with the brightest smile and recipe in hand. Recipe of Life airs weeknights 7:30 p.m. on Channel 8 and available on meWATCH


Recipe of Life 味之道

1 February 2021

We are delighted to have been a part of Mediacorp’s long-form drama Recipe of Life. Thank you to Channel 8 for the invitation to participate in a select segment of your wonderful culinary drama. Recipe of Life airs weeknights 7:30 p.m. on Channel 8 and available on meWATCH.


Gold Standard for the Silver Generation

4 January 2021

Astrid Young

Allium Healthcare aims to make a profound difference in the twilight years of Singapore’s affluent elderly. CEO Bernie Poh tells us more.


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5000万元发展疗养院 “爱龄雅居”聚焦高端市场

30 December 2020


本地土地资源有限,发展商和投资商时时刻刻在寻找善用土地用途的项目。本地上市公司吴控股(GK Goh Holdings)旗下的Allium Healthcare,就瞄准市场对优质养老生活的需求提高,投资近5000万元收购地段开发高档疗养院,打造罕见的另类房地产项目。


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Residential Care Model Award

3 December 2020

At the 8th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards 2020, 88 organisations from 15 countries were recognised for their innovative and quality approaches to change the way older adults age, and for their contribution in shaping the future of the ageing landscape in Asia Pacific. The (hybrid) awards ceremony gave out 25 awards at the awards presentation on 25 November 2020.


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Caring thru’ Masks

25 September 2020

To ensure our residents feel comfortable in the current climate, our Care Team have created ‘Caring thru’ Masks’. A photo of their smiling face worn at heart level extends the connection beyond a voice and assures our residents of the continuity of care when they see familiar friendly faces.


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The TENG Ensemble X Allium Care Suites

5 June 2020

We are delighted to have been a part of the TENG Ensemble’s meaningful project in tribute to the continued contributions migrants have made to Singapore’s success.


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Allium Care Suites welcomes SM Tharman

14 February 2020

Allium Care Suites is honoured to have welcomed Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam and his wife, Jane Yumiko Ittogi, to our residential care suites.


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PainChek signs landmark agreement with Allium Healthcare

6 August 2019

PainChek® receives regulatory clearance from Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA) for use of its products in Singapore. Singapore’s first purpose-built premium nursing home developer and operator, Allium Healthcare, signs two-year licence agreement with PainChek®.


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THERA-Trainer Distributor Meeting

25 July 2019

We are proud to be the first in Singapore to introduce the THERA-Trainer lyra, a robotic-assisted gait trainer. With the use of lyra, which allows for intensive gait training, our experienced physiotherapists work with our clients to create optimal conditions to enable them to return to independent living.


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Allium Healthcare will be the first in Asia to implement Ascom IT system

24 April 2019

Mark Johnston

Swiss-based solutions provider Ascom has been selected by Singapore’s Allium Healthcare Holdings to deliver new patient call system.


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Innovative partnership between Ascom and Allium Healthcare

17 April 2019

Allium Healthcare and Ascom partnership sets high bar in healthcare delivery to achieve unprecedented outcomes for clients of Singapore’s first purpose-built premium nursing home.


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Where healthcare and hospitality meets

28 September 2018

Allium Healthcare and SHATEC, the international hotel and tourism school in Singapore, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on training to develop staff for a new model of bespoke care, uniting healthcare and hospitality.


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Co-create an enabling environment with our Home Therapy services

12 January 2018

As we age, we go through life transitions. Our newly launched Home Therapy services aim to work together with you to create an enabling environment in order for you to live independently and to continue pursuing your passions.


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GK Goh to launch purpose-built nursing home

21 August 2017

Angelo Teo

Facility on Venus Drive is entry point for subsidiary Allium Healthcare to become a long-term provider of elder-care services. The 129-bed, four-storey nursing home is designed to be more like private residences, such as apartments and condominiums.


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GK Goh breaks ground on Venus Drive nursing home

13 July 2017

Angelo Teo

On July 10, Allium Healthcare, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GK Goh Holdings, broke ground on its four-storey nursing home project on Venus Drive (below). This marks the start of construction for the first nursing home in Singapore comprising only single and double en suite rooms. The facility is expected to be ready in 1Q2019.


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16 July 2021

Advance care planning (ACP) begins with a discussion to clarify and note personal preferences regarding future medical care. It serves as a guide to loved ones and healthcare providers to help with treatment decisions in the event of a medical crisis.


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18 June 2021

Frailty is a common geriatric syndrome associated with fracture, disability and falls. The provision of practical care and assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) can be a challenging endeavour for caregivers.


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7 May 2021

Sore shoulders are a common and prevalent concern for the elderly. As many do not seek medical advice, shoulder pain often leads to poor subjective perception of health and depression. Many conditions are amenable to treatment which will correspondingly improve quality of life.


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16 April 2021

Constipation is a common complication in Parkinsons’s due to improper functioning of the autonomic nervous system. Lifestyle changes in the form of appropriate dietary modifications help reduce psychological distress and improve overall wellness.


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26 March 2021

Hydrotherapy is a union between water and physiotherapy. The physiological features of water immersion create a unique environment for rehabilitation; to achieve movements unattainable with land-based therapy. Its application extends beyond rehabilitation and provides a new platform for aquatic exercise.


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25 February 2021

Health literacy refers, broadly, to the individual’s capacity to access, understand and use information to make appropriate health decisions. Older adults and their caregivers need reliable health information for disease prevention and management, health promotion and compliance with public health recommendations.


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22 January 2021

Every day is a different day for an elder living with dementia. Management of dementia is often a challenging experience for caregivers and loved ones.


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18 December 2020

Frailty is a common and important geriatric syndrome defined by age-related changes and biology of ageing. Regular physical activity helps to improve physical and cognitive functions as well as reverse some effects of chronic or progressive conditions.


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17 December 2020

Celebrating our Caregivers on Community Care Day. We thank Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) for their continued support as we celebrated our caregivers. Our CEO, Mr Bernie Poh, presented a Certificate of Appreciation and gift to every member of our Care Team.


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6 November 2020

Diabetes care for older adults is both an art and science. The prevailing goal of diabetes management is to improve the individual’s health capability.


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25 September 2020

The provision of informal care by family caregivers, who are managing other family and work commitments, can be very demanding and present practical challenges that are complex and difficult to coordinate.


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7 August 2020

One Community. One Mission. As you warm the hearts of many, our image is defined by your performance; the care you provide, the attention you give and the courtesies you extend.


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5 August 2020

Join us for the 3rd instalment of our Wellness series with Senior Occupational Therapist, Dawn Lim. Sleep is important at every stage of life. A healthy and strong immune system depends on sleep.


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6 July 2020

Celebrations are the memories of life. We transformed our foyer into a carnival of colour and cheer, reminiscent of old school nostalgia.


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1 July 2020

With the support of AIC Stronger Together mission, we celebrated the Allium Altogether spirit on 25 June 2020 at our Staff Appreciation event.


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26 June 2020

Join us for the 1st instalment of our Nutrition Wellness series with our Senior Principal Dietitian, Mary-Ann Chiam. Dementia can affect an elder’s appetite for food and liquids, leading to weight loss and other medical concerns.


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20 May 2020

Today, we celebrated unity at our Staff Engagement Session. The spirit of Allium Altogether is to unite as one and make a difference to the communities where we work and live.


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Community Care Day 2019

6 December 2019

We are thankful for the support from Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) as we celebrated Community Care Day 2019 across our residential Care Suites and day Care Studios.


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30 November 2019

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, often occurs alongside diabetes. Together, they present serious consequences for the elderly. Dr Jason Tan, our geriatric care expert, will guide you through the connection between the two conditions and how to prevent complications at our exclusive health talk.


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22 November 2019

Estate planning is the process of planning how you want your assets to be managed and distributed. It ensures that your loved ones and the causes you care about receive what you wish to give them.


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19 October 2019

Montfort Care in collaboration with Allium Healthcare welcome all caregivers to a morning session of Mental Wellness Screening and Dementia Awareness Talk. The Care Team will guide you through the signs and symptoms associated with dementia, and the available community resources to support your care.


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11 October 2019

Allium Healthcare presents a 1-hour session to guide you through Singapore’s healthcare system. Our Medical Social Worker will introduce the available schemes and processes to support you in financing and applying for residential care.


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12 October 2019

Allium Healthcare welcomes you to a Health Talk and Screening Session facilitated by Medical Director, Dr Jason Tan. Dr Jason Tan will share health tips to prevent and manage the 2 chronic conditions that are more common in older adults; diabetes and hypertension.


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25 September and 2 October 2019

Allium Healthcare welcomes you to a lunch-hour session facilitated by our Senior Principal Dietitian. Learn smart nutrition tips to improve your memory.


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21 September 2019

Allium Healthcare is excited to be a part of this year’s WAM Carnival. Join us this Saturday at our booth to learn how we can support you and your family to cope better with dementia.


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6 and 13 September 2019

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) brings together the dualities of ancient wisdom and modern wellness. It provides a profound pathway to prevent diseases before it occurs and has the power to help us live a life of balance, wellness and harmony.


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24 August 2019

Good Food, Good Mood. Dementia can cause an appetite for food and liquids to disappear. Our loved ones with dementia may lack the cognitive ability to express their taste preferences or lose their appetite completely, making mealtimes a daily challenge. Caregivers may feel frustrated and in despair as loved ones refuse to eat.


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15 August 2019

THANK YOU to Ms. Taeko Amino and our wonderful participants for making the Sola Flower workshop a meaningful and memorable experience. Many beautiful corsages were made over the two workshops!


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25 July 2019

We were honoured to host the THERA-Trainer team at the recent THERA-Trainer Distributor Meeting.


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30 July, 6 August and 13 August 2019

Your Life. Your Preferences. It begins with a conversation. Advance Care Planning is a discussion to note your preferences towards receiving medical care to meet your long-term needs. It serves as a guide to your loved ones and healthcare providers to help with treatment decisions according to your wishes.


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7 July 2019

Allium Care Studio is proud to be part of the Joo Chiat Peranakan Heritage Town. We celebrated the Joo Chiat 60 Fiesta at The Yards on Sunday 7 July 2019 and hosted food vendors to showcase a selection of delectable Peranakan food and desserts.


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1 June 2019

Redefine your Skincare Regime. Learn skincare recommendations to take better care of your skin in our sunny and humid climate.


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27 and 29 May 2019

Make a Difference. Allium Healthcare presents a three-hours assisted feeding training workshop facilitated by our interprofessional Care Team of dietician, nurse educator and speech therapist.


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Allure and Calum

April 2021

Meet Allure and Calum, our resident pink-necked green pigeons. At Allium Care Suites, rehabilitation sessions at the Wellness Studio overlook the immersive verdant landscape that have become home for Allure and Calum.

Eggcellent Art

April 2021

The simplest things in life often bring the greatest joy. Art opens the heart and mind, enriching imaginative possibilities and well-being. In the supportive environment of private households, our lifestyle activities help elders form meaningful connections through shared interests.

Our resident celebrating the colours of Easter with a morning of eggcellent art.

Meeting your ‘kneads’

March 2021

The approach to wellness at Allium Care Suites deliberates on therapeutic activities that promote cognitive and emotional well-being, specifically tailored to individual needs and interests. Sensory activities awaken memories, reduce passivity and help elders feel more engaged with life.

Our resident immersed in the therapeutic activity of dough kneading in the healing environment of our dementia household.

Mindful Movements

March 2021

Chair Chi is a gentle form of exercise designed to help elders experience the benefits of traditional Tai Chi in the comfort and safety of a chair. It enables elders who are unable to stand or have difficulty with balance to participate and improve strength, flexibility, energy and overall wellness.

Our therapy assistant, a certified chair chi instructor, leading the elders in our care through a session of mindful movements. 

Creative Care

February 2021

Art therapy for the prevention of cognitive decline is an inspiring mix. Hand weaving encourages cognitive engagement and cultivates purposeful connections. A dedicated art experience is one of reciprocity, involving looms, yarn and smiles. Joyful sharing and connections begin.

Our resident appreciating the quietude and creative process with our art therapist.

Expressive Experiences

February 2021

Nourishing creativity in older adults is important for emotional, mental and physiological wellbeing. Painting by numbers involves creative planning and fine motor skills, improving cognitive function, mood and manual dexterity. At Allium Care Suites, creative therapy sessions include art pursuits, music reminiscence, cognitive and leisure group activities, and provide opportunities for socialisation with new friends and our friendly staff.

Our resident enjoying the therapeutic effects of painting by numbers.

Nurturing through Nature

January 2021

Our garden pathways and neighbouring Windsor Nature Park are the perfect setting for morning and sundown walks, rehabilitation sessions and social engagement.

The visual stimulation of the verdant landscape surrounding Allium Care Suites provides a connection with nature and improves physical, cognitive and psychological wellness for the residents in our care.

Sensory Stimulation for Dementia Care

November 2020

A treat for the senses. Designed to promote sensory integration, the Snoezelen bubble tube sits in our sensory corner that is built to stimulate the visual system. The full spectrum of rainbow colours provides an interactive experience, one that engages the auditory and visual senses.

At Allium Care Suites, we combine therapeutic interventions, such as reminiscence therapy, multisensory stimulation, with rehabilitation therapy, to improve function, mood and behaviour for the elders in our care.

Healing through Water

November 2020

Hydrotherapy is the union between water and physiotherapy. The buoyancy, warmth, hydrostatic pressure, drag and turbulence of water create a unique environment for rehabilitation; to achieve movements unattainable with land-based therapy.

At Allium Care Suites, each hydrotherapy session is led by two members of the allied healthcare team; a physiotherapist and therapy assistant. Exercises are tailored to individual needs to compliment or facilitate a return to land-based rehabilitation.

A Perfect View of Sundown

October 2020

A piece of your private sky. Sunsets are the quintessence of transient beauty. The spectacle of colour gives many psychological and well-being merits. Our private rooftop terrace provides a sanctuary for gardening pursuits and the perfect view of sundown.

Our residents appreciating the immersive show of nature.

Pet Therapy

September 2020

Our garden pathways are the perfect setting for morning walks, activity sessions and pet therapy. Our residents enjoying a visit from their beloved pet. The practice of well-being remains, as always, at the core of our care provision at Allium Care Suites.

A Celebration of Memories

July 2020

Celebrations are the memories of life. We transformed our foyer into a carnival of colour and cheer, reminiscent of old school nostalgia. During this unprecedented period, the practice of well-being remains, as always, at the core of our care provision at Allium Care Suites.