Pain Management and Mobility with TCM

Chronic pain, such as stabbing headaches or mobility-limiting back pain, significantly affects daily function. In 2009, 8.7% of individuals in Singapore experienced chronic pain lasting at least thre months. With the rapidly ageing population, chronic pain’s prevalence is increasing, straining social support and healthcare systems. Yet, there is limited awareness of minimally invasive procedures proven effective for treating chronic pain.

Physician Nick Tan, a MOH registered TCM Practitioner and member of the Singapore Chinese Physician Association, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Guangzhou University. With experience from acupuncture and rehabilitation departments in Chinese hospitals to his current focus on pain management and post-stroke/surgery recovery, he has effectively enhanced quality of life for his clients through balancing yin-yang constitutions.

At Allium Care Suites, Physician Nick Tan has an integral role in holistic recovery and quality of life through acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary therapy, Tui Na massage, cupping, moxibustion, and meridian therapy for our residents.

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