Personalised Home Care for Older Adults

Home care services provide a convenient and accessible option for older adults to age in place at
home. It is a viable solution for older adults with mobility constraints or recovering from surgery.
Our home care professionals deliver medical and holistic nursing care, customised personal care,
rehabilitation and caregiver support as part of a care plan, or on an as-required basis.

For the 28th instalment of our Wellness series, our esteemed speakers present the Allium
Healthcare Home Care approach to improving quality of life for older adults at home, and in the

Dr Tan has 20 years of medical experience, specialising in Geriatric and Emergency Medicine. He
led healthcare quality improvement programmes, advocates Cardiac Rehabilitation, and chaired
the Clinical Protocols Committee at St. Andrew’s Committee Hospital and CGH. Dr Tan leads the
provision of medical care at Allium Healthcare.

Summer brings to Allium Healthcare extensive multidisciplinary experience in restructured and
private hospitals. She is the founder and Director of CareHome Nursing, with a passion for
community nursing and wound care management.

With 15 years of experience in emergency care and cardiac nursing, Erica is the clinical lead for
eldercare, palliative care and wound management. She coordinates, implements and evaluates
care plans, providing an integrative and multidisciplinary treatment approach to promote
physical, mental and emotional health.

Marcus’s experience in varied settings include hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and rehabilitation
centres; across speciality areas, namely neurorehabilitation, geriatrics, orthopaedics, dementia and
palliative care. Marcus develops and implements individualised rehabilitation plans to meet specific
goals and needs.

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