Wound Management For Older Adults

A chronic wound is one that does not proceed through the phases of healing in an orderly and timely reparation for a sustained result. Chronic wounds are challenging and costly to treat. The high prevalence of chronic wounds in older adults related to mobility decline and healing ability affect quality of life and caregiver stress. Convenient treatments that enhance wound healing can significantly improve well-being and reduce physical and financial strain for caregivers.

Join us at Allium Care Suites for the 24th instalment of our Wellness series with Nurse Clinician, Erica Wu, as she addresses an overview of chronic wounds and risk factors, with a stepwise approach for wound regeneration and repair.

Erica brings 12 years of experience in emergency care and cardiac nursing, with 6 years in acute and chronic wound management, working with general surgeons and plastic surgeons. At Allium Care Suites, she is the clinical lead for eldercare, palliative care and wound management, with a focus on wound prevention and treatment. Together with a team of nurses, Erica has successfully managed multiple pressure sores and venous ulcers using a holistic approach to wound management, integrating advanced therapies that are cost-effective and deliver optimal outcomes.

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