Invest In Rest

Join us for the 3rd instalment of our Wellness series with Senior Occupational Therapist, Dawn Lim. Sleep is important at every stage of life. A healthy and strong immune system depends on sleep.

Good quality sleep restores energy, regulates mood and is important for physical health and strength.

Sleep hygiene is the application of a variety of practices and habits to help you fall asleep faster, achieve restorative sleep and full daytime alertness.

Dawn Lim is a registered Senior Occupational Therapist with the Allied Health Professions Council. She graduated from Singapore Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin, with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy with Honours. She has worked in varied settings, from acute care, to community care to primary care, and in areas of specialties including orthopedic, neurology, geriatric and dementia care. At Allium Care Suites, Dawn plays an important role in helping our clients recover, develop and improve skills to increase independence and overall well-being.

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