Nutrition In The Golden Years

Good nutrition remains important throughout life. As we age, nutrition-related conditions become more evident, including osteoporosis, iron and vitamin deficiency, and protein-calorie malnutrition. A nutrient-rich diet improves mental health and energy levels, and strengthen immunity.

Join us for the 16th instalment of our Wellness series with Senior Principal Dietitian, Mary-ann Chiam, as she addresses the role of nutrition in health, and nutrient needs of older adults for healthy aging.

An Accredited Practicing Dietitian (SNDA), Mary-ann holds a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics (Australia) and a BSc Biochemistry (Hons). At Allium Care Suites, Mary-ann works with the elders in our care, using advanced scientific information, to support them and caregivers in meeting changing nutritional needs and taste preferences.

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