Cognitive Care During Covid-19

Occupational therapists have an important role in helping individuals respond to the Covid-19 climate. Our occupational focus is to identify remedial needs based on cognitive, physical and psychosocial abilities. An active life remains very much possible with an understanding of activity selection and use of technology.

Join us for the 14th instalment of our Wellness series with Senior Occupational Therapist, Chalene Goh, as she addresses the double pandemic of cognitive decline and Covid-19, and interventions to deliver new and creative solutions for a fulfilling and engaging lifestyle.

Chalene is a Senior Occupational Therapist registered with the Allied Health Professions Council. She graduated with an Honours Degree in Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy, jointly awarded by the Singapore Institute of Technology and Trinity College Dublin. She has extensive experience in varied settings, from acute care to community care in community hospitals, day rehabilitation centres and home therapy since 2013. Trained in dementia care with the University of Tasmania, Chalene has directed various dementia-related groups for hospitals and nursing homes, and conducted trainings for therapy assistants in dementia care.

At Allium Care Suites, Chalene is responsible for designing programmes and activity engagement for our residents and day care clients, and for delivering occupational therapy treatments to meet individual active rehabilitation needs.

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