Health & Wealth in the New Year

Allium Care Suites brings together the dualities of health and wealth in an afternoon session with Feng Shui Master, Anthony Lee, and our Senior Principal Dietitian, Mary-ann Chiam.

Join us for the 26th instalment of our Wellness series to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. Create a happy and harmonised environment in your home to enjoy greater success and energy in 2023. Discover better nutrition guidelines for the Chinese New Year celebrations for maximum Huat and Health.


1:30PM Feng Shui Strategy for your home

2:30PM The First Wealth is Health

3:30PM A Tour of Allium Care Suites

4:00PM Lo Hei Celebration

Anthony Lee is a Feng Shui Master at Metaphysics Consulting. His key specialised segments of consultation include personal, residential and corporate business. He has advised business owners and corporate executives across a wide spectrum of industries, including international logistics, bio-pharmaceutical, commodities trading, aviation, banking and finance, and hospitality, as well as individuals, providing customised holistic solutions, with compelling results.

An Accredited Practicing Dietitian (SNDA), Mary-ann holds a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics (Australia) and a BSc Biochemistry (Hons). At Allium Care Suites, Mary-ann works with the elders in our care, using advanced scientific information, to support them and caregivers in meeting changing nutritional needs and taste preferences.

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