Age-Related Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common health problems worldwide. Older adults are more susceptible to back pain due to physical inactivity, degenerative changes in the spine and the interaction of biological, psychological and social factors. Fatigue, range of movement, and general aches and pains can be treated for improved functional health.

Join us for the 17th instalment of our Wellness series with Senior Physiotherapist Nicole Lu as she addresses causes and conditions of back pain affecting older adults, and prevention and management of back pain.

Nicole is a senior physiotherapist registered with the Allied Health Professions Council. She graduated from the University of Bradford (UK) with honours and worked in both public and private hospitals, as well as private clinics across Singapore. Nicole previously held an adjunct lecturer role at Temasek Polytechnic teaching a module of the Specialist Diploma in Gerontology.

At Allium Care Suites, Nicole works towards fulfilling full potential of residents’ functional capabilities, improving quality of life through therapy.

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