Crime Prevention for Older Adults

Live Your Golden Years with Crime Prevention, a National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) initiative, provides information, resources and strategies to empower older adults to stay safe and effectively handle security challenges. Mr Chong Teng Kok, Senior Executive at NCPC, delivered an engaging presentation on personal safety, home security, financial fraud prevention, and scams targeting older adults.
At Allium Care Studio, thematic activities stimulate thinking, concentration and memory, exploring enriching experiences in number games, culinary sessions, creative pursuits, and educational workshops for our day care clients.

National Museum of Singapore

Dating back to 1887, the nation’s oldest museum inspires with cultural and historical stories of Singapore and the world. Reunion at the National Museum of Singapore delivers a dedicated, interactive space, conceptualised to support older adults with dementia and cognitive impairments.
To commemorate International Museum Day on 18 May, our residents enjoyed an immersive experience to reminisce old memories and inspire new ones, exploring the transformative power of museums in promoting sustainable development and well-being through community engagement.

Magenta for Mom

A symbol of love, captivation and distinction, the beauty of magenta and red carnations greeted all mothers in our care. Our Head of Hospitality celebrated all residents and care staff with heartfelt wishes on Mothering Sunday.

Innovative Music

The art of angklung, led by Lee Tong Soon, Professor of Ethnomusicology, explores the magic of collaboration and cooperation for harmonious effect.
At Allium Care Studio, engaging sessions of creative momentum inspire imagination and movement for our day care clients.

Nurture in Nature

Our residents enjoy an elegant and convenient lifestyle next to Windsor Nature Park, surrounded by nature, tranquillity and complete privacy. Green exercise extends the menu of rewarding pursuits at Allium Care Suites. Guided walks and trips to places of interests, art therapy, reminiscence, cognitive and leisure group activities stimulate the senses and create engaging sessions of socialisation.

The Trigger Fins

Aroma and aesthetic reconnect at the café at Allium Care Suites. We transformed the foyer to deliver the finest of bakes and brew against a backdrop of music.

Music is Life

Music is the language of the soul. Today, we celebrate lifestyle experiences that enrich and enliven the mind, body and spirit at Allium Care Suites. In the tranquil lobby surrounded by flowers, our resident plays a captivating tune with nostalgic reminiscence. A small audience gathers, appreciating the moment in silent wonder. The magic that is music.

AWA Vocal Divas

Music and its magical effects on mood and memory is an important aspect of our care philosophy. The Vocal Divas from the American Women’s Association (AWA) delivered an enchanting performance to our elders. Thank you, AWA, for contacting Allium Care Suites and for the wonderful sing and socialise session. It was an absolute pleasure to have you this morning.