Stay Healthy in the New Year

The Singapore Women’s Weekly inspires food and entertainment ideas, with essential reads on health, family and career. Our Senior Principal Dietitian, Mary-ann Chiam, outlines five simple and practical New Year’s resolutions to keep older adults engaged in healthy habits throughout the year.

Community Care Walk

Community Care Day celebrates the commitment and care of all who work in this sector. An extension of our food and feasting celebration, Team Trekkers walked the verdant path from Venus Drive to Casuarina Walk and the surrounding estate.

Habits for a Healthier Year

Inside Recent captures the latest happenings with fresh insights, giving readers the opportunity to digest informative news that is useful and purposeful. Our Senior Principal Dietitian, Mary-ann Chiam, outlines the healthy approach to festive celebrating without overindulging.

Namaste Care

Namaste Care aims to enrich the quality of life for older adults with advanced dementia or terminal illness by adopting a multisensory care-based approach. A novel approach involving residents and care staff, Namaste Care incorporates sensory and psycho-social components and environmental modification in a calm and home-like ambience.

Supportive Palliative Care

Asia-Pacific Biotech News (APBN) delivers a comprehensive and insightful platform in Science and Technology for industry experts and the general public with an interest in biotechnology and healthcare talking points in Asia-Pacific. In the Vol. 26, Nos. 11 & 12, Nov & Dec 2022 ‘Worlds Within Worlds’ issue, our Nurse Clinician, Erica Wu, addresses the range of challenges for palliative care and Allium Healthcare’s comprehensive care model in supporting both residents and caregivers during the palliative journey.

Diabetes Free Retirement

The Wellness Insider delivers a curated platform of expert opinions and services with a focus on achieving health goals. Our Senior Principal Dietitian, Mary-ann Chiam, illustrates the appropriate steps to managing diabetes during the festive season.

Healing Heroes 医生不是神

Zhu Houren and Chen Han Wei share the screen with Bonnie Loo at Allium Care Suites in episode 69 of 医生不是神, Healing Heroes. Thank you Channel 8 for the invitation to participate in a select segment of your wonderful medical drama.

Visitor Advisory

Allium Care Suites welcomes all visitors from 24 November 2022. To protect our elders, visitors who are unwell to refrain from visitations. As always, we endeavour to deliver the best care and protection for our residents and staff. The guidelines are to minimise transmission risks within our facility and protect all in our care.

Visitor Advisory

Allium Care Suites will continue with the revised visitation guidelines until 23 November 2022.

Our residents’ health and well-being are our greatest priority. Please be assured of the continuity of care connections through telephone and video calls. For further assistance, please ask for a member of our Hospitality team who can best serve your visitation preferences and needs.