Dragon Boat Festival

May your familial bonds strengthen like the tight embrace of zongzi leaves. May the celebration of unity and teamwork during the Dragon Boat Festival inspire stronger relationships within the community. Wishing all a happy and healthy Dragon Boat Festival.

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to the extraordinary men transformed by love into heroes, explorers, captivating storytellers, and melodious singers of song.

Vesak Day

Vesak is a time of joy, peace and reflection. May this Vesak day bring blessings, happiness and harmony to all.

Social Isolation in Vulnerable Groups

The Society of Behavioural Health Singapore, in collaboration with Allium Healthcare, presented an enlightening and enriching seminar, addressing the psychological impact of social isolation and loneliness, with insightful interventions to cultivate connectivity, and ways to effectively utilise social networks for better health outcomes.

Quality and Safety Forum

Our mission is to deliver effective care solutions. We have a relentless focus on quality improvement and safety processes where staff feel supported to implement, manage and sustain advances.

Led by Mdm Chua Gek Choo, Senior Consultant, Clinical Governance, our esteemed speakers, Mr Bernie Poh, CEO, Ms Christina Loh, Head of Nursing, Mr Marcus Tow, Senior Physiotherapist and Ms Erica Wu, Nurse Clinician addressed the collaborative relationship between our nurses, allied health professionals and care staff, with strategies and plans to reduce risks and enhance clinical processes and outcomes. To celebrate our key care staff, a token of appreciation for their mastery in Allium’s Aim Zero Falls campaign.

Advancing Quality and Safety

Clinical governance’s focus is to continually improve the quality of services and safeguard high standards of care by creating an environment that befits nursing excellence.

Barbecue Brilliance

The private rooftop terrace is a sanctuary of luxury and refinement for gardening pursuits, morning workouts and the perfect view of sundown. Friday’s sunset party is a focus on meats and music, celebrating our staff with a Bigger, Better BBQ.
Our Senior Care Concierge, Harrison, also a pro chef and singer, fed us smoky flavours and soulful songs. Masters of celebrations, our People and Culture, and Hospitality teams, making a difference.

Mother’s Day

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, we celebrate the Allium purple quality in mothers and mother figures; an exclusive colour, magical in quality, a union of two extremes of the spectrum, red and blue; representing strength and wealth in a mother’s love. A unique colour; a unique love.

Personalised Home Care for Older Adults

Home care services provide a convenient and accessible option for older adults to age in place at
home. It is a viable solution for older adults with mobility constraints or recovering from surgery.
Our home care professionals deliver medical and holistic nursing care, customised personal care,
rehabilitation and caregiver support as part of a care plan, or on an as-required basis.

International Women’s Day

Allium Healthcare celebrates women making a difference. Worldwide, groups and individuals
unify to celebrate and support women’s advancement. Today, we celebrate our women who
advance aged care experiences and inspire optimal ageing for all elders in our care.